IAWTV Becomes Division of the Caucus
IAWTV Becomes Division of the Caucus
(l-r) Sandy Payne, Board Member IAWTV, The Caucus Co-chairs Robert Papazian and Tanya Hart and Tina Cesa Ward, Chairman, IAWTV , Photo Credit: Steve Cohn

Producer Honors Award Winner Marta Kauffman, Howard J. Morris
Writers Honors Award Winner Robert & Michelle King
Director Honors Award Winner Thomas Carter
Caucus Executive of the Year Award Michael T. Fries, Vice Chairman, President & CEO, Liberty Global
Caucus Lifetime Achievement Award Kevin Bright, Executive Producer, Director, Educator
New Visions Award Roy Price, Vice President, Head of Amazon Studios
Caucus Chair's Award Stephanie Allain, Producer, Homegrown Pictures
Caucus Distinguished Service Award Frank Chindamo, Professor, Founder, Fun Little Movies
2016 Caucus Gold Circle Awards: First Place Winner - Panavision Camera Package Ellie Foumbi for Nocturne in Black (Columbia University)

Second Place Winner - illuminate Studios Post Production Package Julio Vincent Gambuto for The Julie Stories (USC)
2016 Caucus Television and New Media Award
Dodge College, Chapman University, The Kama Sutra Club
Caucus Foundation 2016 Grantees

Masters Interview: Chas. F. Johnson
Masters Interview: Chas. F. Johnson

Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights
American Spirit Award 2016 American Spirit Award 2016 - 
Photo by Steve Cohn
(L-R) Lee Miller, President & CEO; The Caucus Foundation Board, Tanya Hart, Co-Chair; The Caucus, Actor Rocky Carroll; NCIS, Marine Sgt. Nick Popaditch; Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Associate Dean Sheril Antonio, NYU & Associate Arts Professor, Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Second District, Dennis E. Doty; TV Producer/Former ABC TV Network Executive and Bob Papazian, co-Chair; The Caucus.
Producer Honors Award Winner Noah Hawley
Writers Honors Award Winner Lee Daniels and Danny Strong
Director Honors Award Winner David Nutter
Caucus Executive of the Year Award John Landgraf, Chief Executive Officer, FX Networks, FX Productions
Caucus Lifetime Achievement Award Norman S. Powell, Producer/Director, Caucus
Caucus Legend Award Chuck Fries, Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Fries Productions
Caucus Chair's Award Jon Cassar, Director, Producer
Caucus Distinguished Service Award Tanya Hart, Tanya Hart Communications, Inc.
2015 Caucus Gold Circle Awards: First Place Winner
Jesse Gustafson for Day 39

Second Place Winner
Alexis Korycinski for The Haircut
2015 Caucus Television and New Media Award USC for Virtual Morality

photo: David Metzler

Producer Honors Award Winner Michelle & Robert King (The Good Wife)
Writers Honors Award Winner Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black)
Director Honors Award Winner Alex Graves (Game of Thrones)
Caucus Lifetime Achievement Award Vin Di Bona, Chairman/Executive Producer Vin Di Bona Productions and Chairman, FishBowl Worldwide Media
Caucus Executive of the Year Award Steve Mosko, President, Sony Pictures Television
Caucus Chair's Award Lee Miller, President, Lee Miller Productions and Treasurer of The Caucus
Caucus Distinguished Service Award Scott Carrey, Digital Media/Technology Specialist and New Media Chair of The Caucus
The Caucus Journalism Award Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Variety
2014 Caucus Gold Circle Awards: First Place Winner
Ryan Moody, UCLA, for Obituaries

Second Place Winner
Ko-Rely Pi, Columbia University, for Pitter Patter Goes My Heart
2014 Caucus Television and New Media Award Chapman University - Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, for the TV pilot Sharp Left Turn

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