The Caucus strives to elevate program quality in Television and New Media by promoting and protecting the artistic, intellectual and economic rights of Producers, Writers & Directors.

To achieve our Mission we strongly advocate:
  • Restoring program ownership to creators to retain development, production and distribution in the hands of the independent production community.

  • Addressing copyright infringement and Internet piracy through a series of solution oriented programs to educate and engage the creative community as well as all interested parties.

  • Communicating the creative and economic issues facing the Entertainment Industry and New Media to the community.

  • Promoting open dialogue among professional creatives and those who distribute their work in the interest of promoting diverse quality independent programming content.

  • Raising the awareness of diversity, women and minorities in our Entertainment Industry.

  • Supporting freedom of expression standing against any form of discrimination.

  • Encouraging new Producers, Writers & Directors through the Caucus Foundation Student Grants.

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