Bonny Dore Bonny Dore is President of her own television production company, Bonny Dore Productions Inc., producing award- winning television network and cable mini-series, movies of the week, and series.

These include:

SINS, the acclaimed and sweeps winning, 7 hour mini-series for CBS, starring Joan Collins, Timothy Dalton, Gene Kelly, Joseph Bologna, Lauren Hutton, Marisa Berenson, and Giancarlo Gianini. Music by Carly Simon, Francis Lai, & Michel LeGrand . Based on the best-selling book. Filmed in Paris, the South of France and Venice. In association with New World Television. Won the February Sweeps for CBS.

GLORY, GLORY, the multi-award-winning 4-hour musical drama/ comedy mini-series for HBO starring Ellen Greene, Richard Thomas and James Whitmore. Also aired on Lifetime and A&E. Original story by Bonny Dore and Stan Daniels. Highest rated movie or mini series on HBO for 6 years. In association with Orion.

THE JILL IRELAND STORY, top ten for the week, 2-hour award-winning movie of the week for television for NBC, starring Jill Clayburgh, Elizabeth Ashley, Neill Barry and Lance Hendriksen. Based on the true story. In association with Ten-Four Productions. Top 10 shows of the sweeps period in May.

CAPTIVE, 2-hour movie of the week for television for ABC, starring Joanna Kerns, John Stamos, Barry Bostwick, & Chad Lowe. Highest rated film for that season on ABC. Also aired on Lifetime. Based on the true story. In association with Ten-Four Productions. Highest rated MOW for ABC that year.

THE SINKING OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR, 2- hour award-winning movie of the week for television for ABC starring Jon Voight and Sam Neill. Also aired on A&E. Based on the true story. Filmed in New Zealand. In association with Ten-Four Productions and ZDF/ABC Productions. Huge domestic and international hit mow...has been shown in England and New Zealand over 22 times. Winner Houston Film Festival Best Film.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: ½ hour Situation Comedy Series CBS Starring Brad Garrett, James Noble and Brandy Gold. Co-created by Bonny Dore. One full season on CBS. In association with Orion. Brad Garrett’s first television series.

HALF-HOUR COMEDY HOUR: 1/2-Hour Comedy/Variety Series ABC. Starring Arsenio Hall, Thom Sharp, Victoria Jackson, and Jan Hooks. In association with Dick Clark Productions. All stars of the series...first time ever on television.

Among others….

Prior to running her own company, Ms. Dore was Executive Vice President for Development and Production for Krofft Entertainment, developing and/or Producing television network series, movies of the week, theatrical features, & syndication, including….
  • BARBARA MANDRELL AND THE MANDRELL SISTERS /NBC, (Primetime cross over country/gospel/ rock variety show series. 3 years) Directed by Jack Regas. Musical Director, Dennis McCarthy
  • KROFFT SUPERSHOW/ ABC (Children’s comedy musical variety Saturday morning series/rock and roll. Producer. Directed by Art Fisher
  • BAY CITY ROLLERS SHOW/NBC (Children’s musical variety Saturday morning series/rock and roll) Starring the Bay City Rollers. Producer. Directed by Art Fisher
  • LOOKING GOOD/ABC (1/2 hour situation comedy pilot) starring Sheryl Lee Ralph, Taurean Blaque, & Debbie Morgan. Producer. Written by Bill Bickley and Michael Warren. Co-created by Bonny Dore. Producer. Directed by Alan Myerson
  • ACE’S DINER/ABC (1/2-hour situation comedy pilot) Producer. Written by Duane Poole , directed by Alan Myerson.
  • BOBBY VINTON’S ROCK AND ROLLERS/ CBS (Primetime Comedy/Variety Pilot for series/rock and roll) starring Bobby Vinton, Penny Marshall, Gale Gordon, Eve Arden, Stockard Channing and Frank Welker. Producer. Directed by Jack Regas
  • KROFFT SUPERSTARS/ Syndication Producer (Comedy/ variety show for Children/series)
  • ABC SATURDAY MORNING ALL STAR SPECIAL/ABC (Comedy/variety/animation primetime special) Starring: Jimmie Osmond. Producer. Directed by Art Fisher
  • ANSON ‘n LORRIE / NBC (½ hour Comedy Special/Pilot) Starring Anson Williams, Lorrie Mahaffey, Jeff Altman, Jim Varney, Cheri Steinkellner, and Louise DuArt. Producer. Directed by Jack Regas
  • SIDESHOW/ NBC (Television movie of the week/drama) Starring Tony Franciosa, William Windom, Red Buttons, & Connie Stevens. Directed by William Conrad Among others
  • Theatrical films: drama MIDDLE-AGE CRAZY starring Bruce Dern and Ann Margaret/ Written by Carl Kleinschmidt. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
  • HARRY TRACY, DESPERADO starring Bruce Dern and Helen Shaver). Directed by William Graham. Distributed by PSO
Ms. Dore joined the Kroffts after spending 3 years at ABC Entertainment as: ABC Children’s Programming, development and current programming of all Saturday morning series and After- School Specials (head of the West Coast) including:
  • Schoolhouse Rock
  • American Bandstand
  • Scooby-Doo Where are You?
  • Kaptain Kool and the Kongs
  • Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
  • WonderBug
  • Dr. Shrinker
  • Hanna Barbera SuperOlympics
  • Grammar Rock “Conjunction Junction”
  • History Rock “I’m Just a Bill”
  • Multiplication Rock
  • Nutrition Rock
  • ABC Weekend Specials
  • ABC After School Specials
  • Among many others
Head of ABC Primetime Comedy/ Variety and Specials Programming (both coasts) Including such musical/variety series and specials as:
  • Donny and Marie (musical/ variety show series)
  • Captain and Tenille (musical/ variety show series)
  • Brady Bunch (musical/variety show series)
  • Olivia Newton John (musical specials, multiple)
  • John Denver (series of musical specials)
  • Manhattan Transfer (musical special)
  • Toni Basil (musical special)
  • Paul Lynde (comedy/series of specials)
  • Among others…
Prior to ABC Entertainment, Ms. Dore was a producer for the ABC Owned and Operated Stationsand created & produced the multi- award-winning musical/comedy/educational series for children starring Arte Johnson, Ron Howard, Anson Williams, Willie Mays, Sammy Davis Jr, Sha Na Na, & Alex Karras among others... called HOT FUDGE. Syndicated in over 200 markets for over 10 years and sponsored by General Mills through Lexington Broadcast Services.

Beginning her career in Public Television in New York [Eastern Educational Network/New York Public Television] , she co- created the original project for the multi-ethnic, multi-racial, musical award-winning children’s series VEGETABLE SOUP for PBS.

She was also Television Production Supervisor for original programming for all 9 Public Television Stations in the State of New York.

Just after graduation from University of Michigan (BA, MA), Ms. Dore was the General Manager and founder of WSDP-FM 88.1.

Other Contributions:
  • 6 Cable Ace nominations for GLORY, GLORY (HBO)
  • 2 Cable Ace Awards for GLORY, GLORY (HBO)
  • 4 International Television Movie Awards
  • 2 Gemini (Canadian Emmy) nominations (GLORY, GLORY)
  • 2 Houston International Gold Awards for Best Film (GLORY, GLORY and SINKING OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR)
  • 1 Houston International Silver Award for Best Screenplay (inclusive of story) shared with Stan Daniels for GLORY, GLORY
  • 1 NATPE Best Children’s Series IRIS Nomination “HOT FUDGE”.
  • Among others….
Awards: Personal
  • Distinguished Service Award, American Bar Association
  • Distinguished Service Award, State of Michigan (as Producer)
  • Distinguished Service Award, city of Beverly Hills (as Producer)
  • Distinguished Producer Award, National Social Work Association
  • Distinguished Service Award, Caucus for Televison Producers, Writers, and Directors 1996 (1st woman to ever receive this award).
  • Tichi Wilkerson Kassel ‘Founders Award” from Women in Film for a “Lifetime of excellence in Television and a Lifetime of Service to Women in Film” 1998, (one of 6 women to ever receive this award).
  • Distinguished Speaker: Beverly Hills Women’s Network 1991
  • Distinguished Speaker Award: The Marketing Club of Los Angeles
  • Filmmaker Award, The Film Commission of Dallas 1988
  • Central States Speech Association Award ( chosen best in 14 States)
  • Who’s Who in America 1988-present
  • Who’s Who in the World 1988-present
  • Who’s Who in Entertainment 1989- present
  • Who’s Who in American Women 1991-present
  • International Leaders in Achievement Hall of Fame Award 1988-present

Women in Film
  • Chair / Co-Chair & Co-Founder of the Women in Film “Lucy Awards” 1994-2000
  • Former President of Women in Film 1980-1981
  • Former Board Member of Women in Film 1978-1982
  • Former Chair of the Women in Film Foundation 1995/1996
  • Former Trustee of the Women in Film Foundation 1981-2001
  • Current Trustee WIF Foundation Advisory Board 2002-2007
  • Executive Producer Women in Film Foundation “Signature Series”/Legacy Series archival oral/video histories of pioneer women in film of the “1920’s To 1960’s” including interviews with Margaret O’Brien, Evelyn Keyes, Meta Wilde, Fay Kanin, Gloria Stuart and Anne V. Coates.
  • Consultant to founding of WIF Chapter Denmark
  • Consultant to founding of the WIF Chapter Sweden
  • Member of Honorary Advisory Board WIF Denmark
  • Member of Honorary Advisory Board WIF Las Vegas
  • Member of Honorary Advisory Board WIF Palm Springs
  • Co-Founder WIF Jamaica [with Sheryl Lee Ralph]
  • Co-Founder WIF Caribbean [with Sheryl Lee Ralph]
  • Speaker Women in Film LA Paramount Breakfast (2)
  • Speaker Women in Film LA Universal Breakfast
  • Speaker Women in Film LA West Hollywood Breakfast (2)
  • Speaker Women in Film Palm Springs (2)
  • Speaker Women in Film Las Vegas
  • Speaker Women in Film Dallas
  • Speaker Women in Film & Television Denmark (2)
  • Speaker Women in Film Jamaica ( 2)
  • Speaker Women in Film Sweden
Caucus for Television Producers, Writers and Directors
  • Co-Chair of the Caucus for Television Producers, Writers, and Directors 2005-2007
  • Vice Chair of the Caucus for Television Producers, Writers
  • and Directors Foundation from founding to 2007
  • Current Member of the Caucus for Television Producers, Writers, and Directors Foundation 2001-2007
  • Member of the Caucus for Television Producers, Writers and Directors Steering Committee 1994-2007.
  • Treasurer of the Caucus for Television Producers, Writers and Directors Steering Committee 2004/ 2005.
  • Co-Chair of the Caucus for Television Producers, Writers, and Directors 2003-2004
  • Presenter 2007 American Spirit Awards Dinner
  • Presenter 2006 Caucus Honors Dinner
  • Presenter 2005 Caucus Honors Dinner
  • Presenter 2004 Caucus Honors Dinner
  • Presenter 2003 Caucus Honors Dinner
  • Co-Chair Caucus for Television Producers, Writers and Directors
  • Steering Committee 1994-1998. (First woman to be elected)
  • Secretary Caucus for Television Producers, Writers, and Directors
  • Steering Committee 1998-2000. (First woman to be elected)
  • Co Dinner-Chair, Caucus Honors Dinner 2000
  • Current Caucus Website Editor
  • Co-Chair Caucus/Kodak Symposium “Television, its Impact on Society”. 1995
  • Moderator Caucus/Kodak Symposium “Television its Impact on Society”, panel moderator ‘500 Channels and Nothing to Watch’ . 1995
Other Organizations....and Associations
  • National Board Member 2006/2007 United Cerebral Palsy Foundation
  • Former member of the Producers Peer Group Executive Committee, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 1997-1998.
  • Member, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • Member, Producers Guild of America
  • Member National Cable Academy
  • Former member National Association of Female Executives
  • Former Member of the Board of Directors of the Bethune DanseTheatre Foundation (promoting dance for children of ‘special abilities”)
  • Former Member ‘National Children’s Film Festival’ Board
  • Consultant Cannes Film Festival/ WIF International Events
  • Advisory Board Member Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan
  • Consultant to Jamerican Film Festival, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Member of the Film Jury Jamerican Film Festival, 2001
  • Chair of the Film Jury Jamerican Film Festival , 2002
  • Gothenburg Film Festival 2004 Gothenburg Sweden Keynote Speaker on Women and Media/Women in Film
  • Copenhagen 2004 Speaker on Women and Television
  • Copenhagen 1999 Keynote Speaker for Founding of WIF/ Denmark
  • University of Michigan Honored Alumni 1990 “President’s Weekend Honored Alumni Lecture” 1st woman ever so honored from Film School
  • Panelist, University of Michigan/Harvard 1998 3 day Symposium on ‘The Human Genome’ Wash DC Produced video “ Hollywood looks at the Genome”
  • Panelist, Showbiz EXPO “Movies of the Week for Television” 1995
  • American Bar Association National Convention Atlanta 1999 TIPS Section “Presidential Showcase Symposium on “Hate Crimes”. Produced “Hate Crimes” video Televised on CSPAN.
  • University of Michigan ‘Hopwood Awards’ Judge 1994-1995
  • Website panelist… Kodak Showcase : “Outstanding Television Producers” Simultaneous webcast and web/chat. 1998
  • Panelist/ National Association of Television Program Executives New Orleans National Convention 1994 ‘Sex and Violence in Programming’ Panel
  • Panelist/Hollywood Radio and Television Society Seminar on the FCC and Syndication and Interest Rule 1993
  • ‘Violence in Programming…the Real Truth’ Caucus for Producers, Writers, and Directors Quarterly 1994 [subscription 4,000]
Books [included in or featured]
  • “Women Television Producers 1948-2000” By Robert Alley and Irby Brown University of Rochester Press Published 2002 Bonny Dore is one complete chapter of the book on outstanding women television producers 1948-2000.
  • “Women Who Run the Show” ‘How a Brilliant and Creative Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood’ 1973-2000 By Mollie Gregory St. Martins Press Published 2002 Bonny Dore was one of the 125 outstanding women in Hollywood interviewed for this book. Her work and her reflections on producing and Hollywood are throughout the book.
  • “ A Film Dictionary” By Frank Beaver PhD University of Michigan Press Published 1995 In the chapter ‘Deconstructing Television Movies of the Week’ Bonny Dore is quoted extensively as to how it works...and why.

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