The Caucus Foundation continued to flourish in 2012 and we were proud to present outstanding student grant recipients at our 30th Annual Caucus Awards Dinner. Last year, seven students competed for the two Gold Circle Awards. Once again, Mike Dallatorre of Panavision provided the first place winner, Alethea Avramis (UCLA) for her film The Foreigner, with a $60,000 Panavision Camera Package. Jim Hardy of HD TV/Illuminate presented a $20,000 Hi-Def Post Production Package to the second place winner, Jordan Salvatoriello (Emerson) for her film, Graceland Girls. Both winners also received a cash award.

The Caucus Foundation Alumni Network chaired by Mel McGraw has been active in arranging mixers for local CFAN members and generating various activities among the group. CFAN conducts various programs such as Director Shadowing, Dinners for Five with key professionals and a script development program. We are very proud of our student grant recipients. The Caucus provides mentors to each of the student grant recipients to communicate with them and assist them in their career goals in the industry.

In 2012 we initiated a new award to be offered initially to colleges and universities located on the west coast. The projects we judged were television oriented and consisted of pilot episodes, dramatic and comedy series episodes, reality episodes and webisodes. In its inaugural year, there was a tie. Representing the creative team of Two Close from Chapman University was student Shana Wilensky and representing the creative team for In Brotherhood from USC were students Garen Thomas and Stephen Parsey. In addition, the Caucus bestowed on each school a $3,000 cash award.

One of our board members, Troy Devolld, initiated an auction on a site titled Charity Buzz and we hope to generate sufficient proceeds to cover the operating overhead of the Foundation. So far, Troy has had two auctions which have netted the Foundation $15,000 and we plan a third auction in this month. The Caucus is very proud of members like Troy who pitch in to assist the organization in its efforts to recognize new filmmakers and advance our mission of excellence in television.

Chuck Fries, President
The Caucus Foundation

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